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    When our son started attending college, he requested a venue of his own so that he could focus on his studies. My partner and I thought this was a good idea, so we agreed that we would pay for his rental apartment, if he would keep up with everything including the Heating and Air Conditioning system repair. I explained that he better change the air filters every month and call the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier for tune-ups twice per year!

                After the first year of our son living in this rental apartment we were paying for, we learned that he wasn’t keeping up with the Heating and Air Conditioning system repair at all. I couldn’t imagine how horrible the air quality was in his venue! He didn’t even change the air filter once! He was trying to say that it wasn’t a big deal and he would be continuing the way he was. I told him this matter wasn’t up for debate. He was not only putting his health at risk but he was destroying the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment as well ,which he would have to pay for if he ruined the system! When I told him the cost of Heating and Air Conditioning systems, this news enlightened him a little to the severity of the situation. I also told him that those huge energy costs he was paying,  would be significantly cheaper if he was replacing his air filters correctly!

                 Also, the air quality would be a good deal better. He absolutely thought that energy costs were supposed to be that costly. I told him if he didn’t keep up with the repairs, we were no longer going to pay the rent for his apartment.

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