Want quality a/c on the trip


My wife & I have a trip planned for next weekend, & I have a strong feeling it will be the trip of a lifetime! The two of us are spending numerous days in the south in a lovely beach resort with our friends. We are going with a couple that we’ve been friends with for several years. The four of us first came up with this method to vacation down south a few months ago when my wife and I hosted a barbecue in our backyard… It was nearly the middle of the summer, but it was so frosty outside that the four of us couldn’t even appreciate the barbeque because it was so cold. I guess that’s what happens when you live up in the deep north… After that miserable day, our friends came up with the idea of taking a trip to the south. For once, we wouldn’t have to worry about wearing enough layers or trying to keep warm. Not to mention, we had our eyes on the most beautiful resort! Each of the rooms had a state of the art heating & cooling & cooling unit controlled by a remote that you keep with you throughout the duration of the vacation. In addition, there is also an app that you can download on your iPhone so you can adjust your settings with just a single touch! Along with all of the Heating & Air Conditioning perks being state of the art, it is also right next to the beach. All of us will be able to lay around and soak up the warm sunlight, & then take a nice nap in our perfectly air conditioned rooms. The vacation is still a few weeks away, but you can bet that the four of us are counting down the nights!

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