can’t focus around the dog

A few months ago, my husband and I decided to adopt a dog, but we had no idea what this would end up costing us! The shelter we adopted from told us that the dog was exceptionally smart in addition to sneaky, which my husband and I saw as an enjoyable thing because teaching a dog how to behave is not as an easy task, as cute as puppies are. My husband and I were so happy that this little guy joined to our family. Although, his sneakiness ended up getting the best of us already. His big thing he does is that he hides all of the treats we give them and stockpiles them like he’s going into hibernation. We thought this was really funny until our heating and cooling unit broke down without warning earlier this week. All of us awoke to an odd screeching sound in addition to there was smoke coming out of the heating in addition to cooling unit; I went down to take a further look at it, which was when I noticed our dog resting next to me looking certainly ashamed! Do you know that look that dogs make when they know they did something that they shouldn’t have done? Yep, that was the exact look our dog had, however the Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C repair tech that later came out told us that there was dozens of dog treats that had been dropped down inside of the heating in addition to cooling unit. Since this had been going on for weeks without our knowledge, the treats caused enough damage to render the entire heating component unfixable! Thanks to our dog, our best option is to switch over to radiant heated flooring!

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