Air vents in our house

I live in the northern section of the country, where the weather is dire just about all year round.  In the summer, the temperature often climbs into the nineties, with harshly high humidity levels. During the winter, all of us live with sub zero temperatures, vicious wind chill, and tons of snow. The Spring and fall are always chilly and damp, so all of us usually need to run the gas furnace.  With either the heating or cooling system running for most of the year, there’s no option of opening the windows. To conserve energy, I’ve tightened up the home as much as possible. I’ve replaced windows, added insulation, caulked and weatherstripped. I’ve worked undoubtedly hard to eliminate every crack, hole or leak which might allow my heated or cooled air to escape.  This has made a big difference in my bi-weekly utility bills and greatly improved the comfort of my home; Unfortunately this traps all sorts of contaminants in the house. There’s no influx of fresh air, and no option for dust, pollen, dander, or unpleasant odors to escape. There’s problems with indoor air conditions, which can lead to health troubles. After consulting with a local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C company, I invested in a heat reusey ventilation system.  The ventilator brings fresh, outside air into the home and extracts the stale, stuffy air. Plus, it uses the outgoing air to preheat the incoming air in the winter. The ventilator also helps to combat excess humidity while all of us were in the summertime weeks. Installing the ventilation system has saved me quite a bit of money in utility bills, while also improving the health, cleanliness and overall enjoyment of my home.

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