The harsh heat

The hottest most humid summer time is bearable for me. I love soaking in that heat. It is what I grew up with and it is what I know. After all, I am currently living in a beach house that does not even have air conditioning right now. Our insulation is great and both of us mostly just use fans in the summertime. I mean I will admit that some nights can get pretty hot, but both of us make due anyway. It’s the Winter time that I cannot stand. As a result, both of us have a heating plan that a northerner would be proud of. It fights off the cold from those alarming 40-degree nights for sure! I can barely step outside while in such weather, unless I very was dressed up like an Eskimo. I am sure all the Northerners would laugh at me for the way I am dressed in weather that they are perfectly comfortable with in shorts and flip-flops or whatever. Well they could pretend to be as difficult as they like, I’ll take my nice sizzling gas furnace, and cup of hot tea thank you, then like I said, our air conditioning plan conked out a long time ago and both of us never bothered repairing it, but our gas furnace works just fine. I make sure to have that baby service correctly in the fall. Maybe, eventually I will take up our HVAC worker on his repeated offers to have our air conditioning plan repaired on the cheap. For now though, I am quite content with them keeping my gas furnace in tip-top shape, ready to keep me sizzling at a moment’s notice!

HVAC repair plan

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