A good temperature control device

Back in the day, when I fell on hard times, a buddy of mine let me stay in his condo until I could become self-sufficient again. Both of us were good buddies from college and the people I was with and I swore to always to look out for one another, but he honestly came through for me during that difficult time that I took to get back on my feet and get a job that could support me. My buddy had a honestly nice venue and kept a tight ship. However, he never honestly had much going on in the basement, though it was roomy! Ultimately, the basement is where I got to stay, and it was quite enjoyable and comfy for the time I spent there. I must say that his temperature control system was over the moon, even though he kept it a little cooler than I would have liked. I soon soon discovered his preference was not going to be a problem. He had zone controlled temperature control, which simply means that several rooms had their own temperature control and the temperature could be moved higher or lower independently from the other rooms. This included the basement, so I could just make the temperature in my living area to whatever I felt like at the time. I did not expect to have things really my way, due to the fact that that this was his home. I was obligated to make sacrifices of personal comfort and do my best not to take advantage of my buddy’s welcoming attitude. However, at least when it came to a temperature at which I felt comfortable, I honestly didn’t have to make any sacrifices at all. I have zone control heating and cooling to thank!

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