A disgusting climate control

Sometimes, surprises can be nice. When I am suffering a bad dream, and I wake up and realize none of it happened, that’s a good surprise.  In college, I remember thinking that I failed a test and agonizing about it until I got the test back and saw I did far better than expected. That was a really good feeling! Other times, something will malfunction and I’ll suspect a big problem that might cost fortune.  I’ll wonder if I’ll be able to cover the costs for the problem. Then, it turns out that the issue was nothing big and ended up costing me little to nothing. I’ve had this happen with my car a couple times. Recently it was a concern with my Heating and Cooling system. I began to notice that there was a variation between the temperature setting on the thermostat and how hot or cold it felt in the room. I would adjust the thermostat  to a warm temperature. It appeared to achieve the comfort level, however it was clearly no warm enough in the room. The temperature difference became so obvious that I knew I had a problem. I began to think that there was something wrong with my Heating unit, but I did not want to hire a contractor. I decided to investigate the problem online instead. I found the answer faster than I expected.. It turns out that the internal parts of  the thermostat simply required cleaning. Once I meticulously cleaned the inside of the thermostat, it was able to adjust the temperature and enjoy perfect comfort.

programmable thermostat

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