A wedding without air conditioning

The day my eldest daughter got married, turned out to be the hottest day of the year.  We were having the wedding reception at a local VFW. My sister and I went to the reception hall early in the morning, so we could decorate and make sure everything was ready for the caterer.  We had most of the decorations up and the tables put in place when we heard silence. I normally like silence, but not the silence of the lack of air conditioning. It was 10AM and it was already in the mid-eighties.  By 2PM when they were to start the reception, the temperature was supposed to be nearing 100 degrees. I walked out to the bar and asked the gentleman who was getting ready to open, if he knew what was wrong with the AC.  He told me not to worry, he had already called the HVAC company. I was worried because we had a cake arriving at noon, and it was going to melt if the AC wasn’t fixed by then. I don’t know of any cake that survive 100 degree temperature, and still look the same as when it arrived.  I began to worry and the man behind the counter gave me a drink, and had the temerity to ask me out. I had to laugh, because I almost said yes. He was going to take my sister and I out for lunch to somewhere there was air conditioning. He looked a bit undone when I asked him if I could call my husband to meet us there.


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