Switching to a swamp cooler in the southwest

I’ve been a resident of the southwest for a few years now. Let me just get this out of the way: yes, it is terribly hot here for most of the year. The humidity is very low in this region, so the heat tends to get much higher that it would in other regions of the country. Still, that’s not to say that this area is uninhabitable – you just have to think critically about how you’re combatting the dry heat! In the deep south, people have no choice but to rely on forced central air conditioning systems that are supercharged with refrigerant. Additionally, those folks often rely on an A/C system that cools and dehumidifies, as it is much easier to cool down a house with low humidity. You might think that southwestern homes cool down fast due to low humidity as well, but don’t be mistaken! The problem here is that the humidity is too low, so the solution is an air conditioning unit that can also humidify the house. While homeowners here can buy both a central A/C system as well as a humidifier, the better and more cost-effective option might be a swamp cooler! Swamp coolers have one powered component, which is a blower that actually pulls outside air into the cooling system before sending it into the house. Since swamp coolers (or evaporative coolers) rely on the outside air and cool, wet pads to chill and dampen that air, this alternative air conditioning system is a highly effective way to keep your desert home cool without spending a fortune.

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