They shouldn’t have mentioned that

Sometimes, we tend to believe that we have a crisis on our hands when in reality it’s just a simple problem with a simple fix. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve completely panicked over something that seemed like a very significant problem, only to sigh in relief when I realized It was a quick fix. Take a recent issue that I had with my HVAC system, for instance. I would try to set a specific temperature on my thermostat, only need to find that my HVAC system did nothing in response. I would realize that the air was not turning on at all, though I distinctly remembered setting a lower temperature and would shuffle back over to the thermostat to try and see what the matter was. I would put the temperature setting in again, only to find that once again the air conditioning did not respond. At that point, I assumed that my entire climate control system was dead. I got really concerned as I realized there was no way that I had the funds to entirely replace it. I was also pretty mad because the system was only 7 years old, and I was promised a much longer life span. Finally, I decided to face the music and I called out an HVAC technician. What he told me made me feel like a fool. It turns out that the only thing that was dead was the battery in my actual thermostat. Apparently, there was enough juice left to create the appearance that it was still functioning, but inputting actual commands didn’t do anything. I even happened to have a new battery handy from when I purchased the thermostat, and was able to replace it myself. As silly as that HVAC experience was, I couldn’t help but feel that I dodged a bullet!

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