Son messing with our smart thermostat

Recently, my family and I had a smart temperature control installed in our home. I must say the smart temperature control unit is really cool. It has acquired our preferred settings plus it’s convenient that my family and I don’t even have to make adjustments to it really often. It’s even better that when we want to go and modify the temperature control settings, we can easily do it from our cell phones. Well, the other afternoon when my husband went to the store to go grocery shopping, my child was with him. Apparently, he was playing with his cell and didn’t suppose anything of it, because he was so busy shopping, that my child got onto the smart app that controls the climate control plan where he kept increasing the temperature up and down. I was at our lake house finally working on the kitchen and thought that it was rather odd that the heating system was turning on and then the cooling system was turning on. I figured that the smart temperature control must have been going haywire! I tried increasing the temperature control settings back to normal however it would go back again! I decided to call the HVAC company plus the Heating plus A/C worker who was asking me if anybody else had access to the smart app. I said the only other guy who had access was my husband and he wouldn’t be increasing the temperature control. Then I realized that our young child was with my husband and he could have been playing on the smartphone. So that’s when I called my husband and asked his what was going on, and he said that Tommy was in fact playing something on the cellphone and he thought it was a game. My son apologized and said he wouldn’t be playing with our smart phones anymore.

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