Concerns with our window cooling

At times, it can be a pain to deal with roommates. Even though these guys have become close friends of mine, they still manage to get on my nerves every now and then. Recently, I got a modern window unit because I was tired of not having functional air conditioning in my room and being overheated. I installed the modern window unit in my room and it sure made the room comfortable. It made it so much easier for me to learn and be relaxed! While the household did have central air, it never seemed to work effectively. I tried to get everyone to pitch in to have it fixed, and I also reached out to the property owner to see if he could have repaired it, that would have been great! But nobody seemed to have any interest in having it fixed, so I took matters into my own hands and got myself that little window unit. When everybody saw how relaxed I was now that I had air conditioning, they all were jealous. Suddenly, my room became the hangout spot for everyone in the house. At first, I didn’t mind the company. Once it started happening on a daily basis, I started to get a little bit annoyed. Even when I wasn’t home, I would come back to the room to find crumbs on my bed and things moved around. It was clear that everyone would go into my room to use the cooling system when I wasn’t even there and that was not cool! I confronted everybody and said if I find that anyone goes in my room without permission again, we were going to be fighting! After that everybody made sure to ask permission before coming in my room to use the cooling system.

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