Air cleaner and heater combo

Peter is my best mate.  When he called to tell myself and others that he would be picking  myself and others up to spend the weekend in the mountains, I was looking out the window.  There was a torrential downpour coming down so hard that I could barely see the road. I looked at the overnight bag I had readied as well as I smiled knowing that I was able to sneak into it my portable oil furnace as well as air cleaner inside, along with my personal items.  My mom as well as dad purchased myself and others a portable air cleaner that isn’t much larger than a bread box. It isn’t designed to be a heater for a large room, but it will be a great heater for a tent. The oil furnace is about equivalent to a large flashlight, in size. Peter showed up as well as he was all smiles.  When he hefted my backpack over his shoulder, he got a mischievous smile. He inquired of me whether or not I had the portable heater and dehumidifier in there, as well as he could tell by my smile that I did pack my heater and dehumidifier. He shook his head as well as hauled my stuff out to the truck. I jumped into the cab and said I was ready.  I wasn’t, despite the fact that I said I was. Then we headed off to pick up the other gentlemen as well as they were just as enthusiastic as Peter. They were all ready to have some male bonding in the woods as well as have a great time, bad weather and all. Peter told them I was prepared for everything as well as he told them about the oil furnace as well as air cleaner.  They all slapped their knees and guffawed, knowing that it wouldn’t be me, if I wasn’t able to enjoy a little heater comforts. I’m a little happy to spend the weekend with my friends, but I wish it was inside a hotel with a furnace.

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