The boiler is beat up

When I was young, I thought that the noises the boiler in our home made were monsters living in the radiators and the pipes. It was like the house itself had made a deal with them when it came to getting heat! As long as everyone living in the house appeased them, everyone living in the house would stay warm. At least, that is what I assumed whenever the boiler would blow: that the monsters were miserable for some reason. It seems that my father would get even more miserable when the boiler stopped finally working, though, and he would call in these strange dressed men that would come into our home and inspect the inner deep workings of the boiler system. I thought they were pretty brave for doing that and I admired them highly for it… Then the boiler would groan and jump back to life, and abruptly everyone in the house would have warm air again. I actually began to wonder what those mysterious men dressed so odd were doing to appease the monsters in the boiler, and now that I am grown, I feel and know too well that our boiler was just an old piece of junk that the Heating and A/C professionals were fixing back to life every now and then. If I had known the truth as a kid, I would have felt more pity for them than fear, however my father had insisted on squeezing as much life out of that broken down boiler as we possibly could, and everyone living in the house and I never even ended up replacing it. Everyone living in the house and I just moved to another home. I feel it became the next family’s problem, and they may have replaced it, who knows!

propane boiler

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