Get better HVAC in better schools

I have fond memories of the school I went to as a kid. It was a private school and I can say that our mentors and teachers were wonderful. Some of these teachers seemed to be ageless, as when I grew up and saw them later in life, they looked exactly the same, carrying themselves with the same looks and attitude and all. Although they were the most important things, excellent mentors and teachers and a great education were not all I enjoyed at that school! Our facilities were set up with some of the best HVAC systems I have ever known in my life. As a kid, I barely noticed this, however that is because the HVAC units at the school worked so well! I had gotten to the point where I completely took it for granted that in the dead bad heat of the months of spring and summer, upon coming in from recess time, it would be perfectly cool inside the school buildings. I don’t even remember one single time when the heating as well as cooling units were down,  though I did see repairmen working up in the ceilings from time to time. In the winter, I distinctly remember how powerful the heating system unit was, because I would come in from the cold, and the heating would be so fantastic over the top and the change in temperature so dramatic, that I would get this weird tingling sensation in my hands from the horrifying heat… Looking back, I feel as if I was downright spoiled by the education I acquired, and the expensive accommodations I got at that school. It really was a good education and location all together.


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