Store a/c repair was left up to me

Being the only person on a whole staff of girls can be terrible. I am typically yelled at and talked about a ton. The worst is when I get a call to come into the store simply because I am a dude. The store I work at has a terrible AC unit. The air conditioner will shut off in addition to refuse to turn on all of the time. All the gals call me when this goes down. I think because I am a dude, they know I am able to fix it. I am not exactly a tool belt wearing dude. I am ok with TVs in addition to video games. Fixing an air conditioner idea is a bit out of the realm for me. However, because I get a call all the time I have gotten better. I have gained what to start with in addition to go from there. The initial thing I attempt is increasing the air filter out of the AC unit. I gained that the cooling filter should be changed on a month to month basis. Occasionally the air conditioner just stops because it is clogged with dust in addition to can’t operate well. I then switch it out in addition to wash up the inside. There are times that this works. If not, then the people I was with and I need to grab the freon in addition to try that. If that does not work, I take a look at the condensate drain. There are times the algae builds up in addition to the air conditioner does not drain well; Removing the algae has the AC turning back on immediately.

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