Not allowed to run a/c anymore

My sister and her husband got divorced in addition to I got my sister in the separation. My sister needed somewhere to go in addition to I had a leftover room. I sort of see now why my brother in law booted her. My sister is a huge slob, leaves clothes all over, typically wants vegan dishes for supper in addition to is strange about Heating in addition to Air Conditioning settings. My sister is typically messing with our home’s thermostat. Basically she wants the loft to be 77 degrees no matter the weather. In the summertime I don’t dare turn on the AC. My sister just about has a conniption when she feels the frosty air. In the Winter our gas furnace is going on all afternoon, everyday. My energy bills have never been so much. My sister is basically starting to form bacteria she has been in our loft so long. I never get even a moment with proper temperature control. I am thinking about Heating in addition to Air Conditioning zone control. I could get a ductless mini split plan in addition to install a component in my sister’s room. My sister could control her Heating in addition to Air Conditioning component to what she enjoys. Then the rest of the loft her and I would need to agree on a temperature. If my sister dominates those areas as well though, I will at least have a home office that is the correct temperature. But, how long is my sister going to be living with me? Zone control is not exactly a cheap thing to buy if she is leaving pretty soon.

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