Hate the smell of those cooling filters

My roommate David is just in love with the scent of lemon. Every product we use has to be lemon scented. The dish soap, fabric softener, furniture polish and even bathroom cleaners are always lemon scented. I am not a fan of the smell.  I can deal with it for the sake of my buddy. The other day, we realized we needed to replace the air filter in the HVAC system. We drove to the local hardware store and saw that the options for cooling filters are nearly limitless. We had our choice of all sorts of unusual sizes. The actual filter can be smaller.  Even the holes on the air filter can be smaller and tighter. The tighter the holes, the more dust the filter can catch, promoting cleaner air quality. The filters can all be constructed out of various materials. We were able to get a washable air filter that does a great job for the month. We hoped to save money with this style of filter. David ignored all the options and  made a direct path to the scented air filters. They offered cooling filters that are lemon scented. My roommate was so excited that he bought the whole selection. We now own tons of lemon scented air filters. If you have ever considered buying a scented air filter, don’t do it. The lemon smelled pleasant for about a day. Afterwards, the odor began to get aggravating. As dust infiltrates the system, the lemon begins to smell bad.  By the end of the month, the house reeked badly of old, dirty lemons. We both are not happy with the air filter being scented. We bought so many of the air filters and they are not cheap. We are stuck using the lemon until we’re out of those air filters.

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