The zone control device at home

Not too long ago, I was able to start a career working from home. Working from home has been a cozy transition. I wasn’t sure I would like working from home, but I absolutely love it. There are no more early mornings or work clothes. I’m not compelled to drive through crappy weather conditions to get to my building. I’m not distracted by a full office, and I listen to my favorite music to brainstorm. I sometimes remain in my pajamas, sip tea and work late at night.  However, I still need to work consistent hours. I’ve invested in some helpful things for my home office to make it more conducive for work. An ergonomic swivel chair and sturdy, quality desk make work so simple. Adding a wifi thermostat and zone control to the climate control system has made a noticeable difference. The wifi thermostat allows me to handle any setting directly through my smartphone or computer. I don’t need to leave my desk to locate a thermostat. The smart thermostat studied my habits and automatically sets itself now. Plus, the thermostat makes sure that I am made aware of maintenance requirements, energy efficient settings, humidity levels, the temperature outside and more. The zone control allows setting individual temps for individual rooms. My study can now have its own unique temperature. I can keep this single room perfectly comfortable without the rest of the house being warmed or cooled to that exact same temperature. This saves me a huge percentage off monthly energy bills and prolongs the life of the HVAC system.  

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