Winter settings in the restaurant

If you ventured to  ask people about some horrible dates they have had, I would bet a lot of them would have some pretty nutty stories to share! With my partner and i though, that really isn’t a problem. For our first date, I thought that it was a bad idea. My partner wanted to head up to the mountains and ski around at this winter ski resort. I didn’t take him for a mountain lover, so I was very taken aback that this was going to be our first date. I have always been the type of woman to sit by the heating vent and enjoy netflix movies instead of being outside, so spending all day in the biting cold without any climate control was going to be rough on me, or at least I figured. However, everything turned out awesome. My date and I chatted away and had so much fun skiing, I didn’t notice the cold or snow getting to me during the three hours that we spent practicing. After we finished our lessons, we headed inside the ski resort to get warm and eat lunch. The lodge was beautifully warm and comfortable, with a powerful, heated gas furnace near the entrance that us both completely up and dried me off to boot. The food and coffee they had was delicious as well. That date was about seven years ago, and we have are so happy with the memory that we went ahead and went on another ski date.

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