They must use a boiler system

There was this beautiful, historic hotel I used to work at. It was super creepy. Well, I found myself working  nights there, and sometimes would see some unexplainable things, or hear some odd things out back in the kitchen or above me somewhere. The hotel was obviously haunted. Well, not only would I get the willies, but because it was such an old, drafty hotel and was so huge, the heating equipment did not do the job at all. I begged and begged for the thermostat to be turned up in that place, because it was chilly at night when there was no sun shining through anywhere. They refused because there was no point in it. I had to dress myself in my fleece, layered with a sweater and a scarf. Sometimes I even pulled on two pairs of pants and cozy socks! Well, one day, when I breezed through the door, I sat down at the desk and hit my legs off of something at my feet, surprised because nothing is usually there. It was a space heater! I cried tears of joy. That little portable heater was so magically warm and cozy that each and every night I used it on full blast! I would crank it in the back office because that was my best chance of getting warm, not in the big lobby! Who would have known such a nifty little heater would make me so very happy!

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