The job in the HVAC field

Going into the life of an HVAC repairman just felt right to me when I was younger. I enjoyed fixing things, I adored working and talking with people, and I enjoyed helping people out that are in need. One problem that I didn’t consider when I was little was the fact that it is very dangerous work sometimes, especially in the deep north. When living and working in the north, where the winter is fierce, this involves working with necessarily large and heavy heating units. I was out on call to a couple’s house who had just finished up cleaning out a shabby furnace that had been giving them guff for weeks. This unit was rustier than almost all the other heated gas furnaces that I have seen in my short career, so I was having some problems bringing it back to life. After about an hour, I figured there was no hope and was talking to the lady who had called me when there was a tremendous noise just behind me. It turns out, whoever the HVAC service company that installed their furnace into the wall did a slapdash job, because the heap of metal fell right out, sending metal and scraps of plastic to the four winds. If I had been standing just a little closer, my career would be over as an HVAC repairman. I guess that I learned to be significantly more careful on the job that day!

HVAC repair

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