And then the heater dies

Over the past few days, I worked 14 days in a row, without a break. It would not be too terrible, but I also work 12-sixth shifts. That’s a lot of time to be at work, but ever since the beginning of October, our Factory has been working on Christmas toys. We do Christmas toy productions all day & all night. Every one of us have several shifts now working around the clock, so every child may have these special toys. We have already produced several dozen different toys, over the past few weeks. I am beginning to get exhausted, & I still have several more days in my cycle! After that, I have to schedule an appointment to have the oil furnace checked.

               I can’t think what is wrong with the oil furnace, but it keeps running but never seems to reach the desired temperature on the thermostat. I only have the temperature set to 72 degrees, so my oil furnace should have no problem maintaining that temperature. For days now, I have not heard the oil furnace shut off at all. I contacted someone from the oil furnace distributor, but they cannot make a repair unless I am home. They cannot even come by to diagnose the issue, unless the homeowner is present. I have to wait several more days, before I can have the oil furnace issue taken care of.

               I hope they can fix the oil furnace on the same day, because I have one day off work. I like to run errands & do some Christmas shopping that afternoon; Working 14 days in a row is difficult, but I’m going to be glad when I receive my big overtime check.

heater repair

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