Dad loves that old heater

When I heard the news that our father had passed away after battling an illness for multiple years, I was honestly feeling sad as well as heartbroken. I quickly hustled back to the north where I grew up to help out with the funeral as well as to console our family. The original plan was to sell our father’s home due to the fact that my younger siblings and I live so far away from the cabin now that we are all adults. I loved that home and have so many fond memories there, so I went with my gut feeling and said that I would take over the house. Well, now that it has been a few months, I am pretty glad with our decision to move back up here, even though the winter seasons are simply brutal. The home is much warmer during the wintertime than I remember as a little boy… My dad must have upgraded the old heated gas oil furnace or boosted up the insulation. Afterall, my father was a heating, ventilation, and A/C repairman before he retired, so he always knew how to fix up his own heating as well as cooling units, which helped to save money. I can still remember him telling me when I was a kid over and over “son, before you call somebody to come and help you fix something, try to learn how to fix it yourself.” That message still comes to my mind whenever I am busy cleaning out the heated gas oil furnace on those cold mornings. I sure am feeling blessed that this home is still within our close knit family.

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