Lavender scented air filters was a mistake

My roommate Nick is obsessed with the smell of lavender. Everything in our home has to have the scent of lavender. Our dish soap, detergent, body wash and candles all are the scent of lavender. He claims it is the best of the smells and the ladies love it. I sort of hate lavender now and would prefer anything else. I especially hate it after Nick bought scented air filters for our cooing system. He found that air conditioning filters can be made with scents. As the cooling system works and the air runs through it, it can go over lavender scented coils. My roommate was so excited for our whole home to reek of lavender. He ended up being super disappointed. Lavender scented air conditioner filters sounds like a good idea, but it actually is horrible. A HVAC filter is made to catch the dust from going into the heater or AC system. The filter then gathers the dust for a month until you change it. The filter smelled like a nice flower for about one week. Now that there is dust in the filter, Nick and I can smell it. Our whole place smells like old, wet lavender now. I want to rip out the lavender filter and get an actual cooling filter with no scent. Nick seems to think that we should replace the air filters on a weekly basis. He claims the air quality would be cleaner, the HVAC would run better and we could keep the lavender smell. I am not willing to front the money for this though.

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