Installing my sister’s hydronic heater will be rough and more than a day

My baby sister Hannah thought we could install heated floors in a day. My sister is sort of cheap. When she needed a heating system, she decided not to pay for professional heater installation. She roped me into helping her set up the heated floors. First, my sister is a bit overconfident on my contractor skills. I don’t know if I have the knowledge and skills to do a radiant heater set up. I have never handled boiler systems, piping and flooring before. I am not sure if I can do it without really messing something up. Next, my sister planned only a day for our installation. To do heated flooring installation, a lot of things need to be done. First, the tiles all have to be ripped out. The whole flooring is removed and the house is not able to be sued. After this, a boiler system should be dragged and hooked up in her basement. Then, the piping is installed from the boiler and extended into the flooring. The boiler will heat water and the water flows through piping. This creates hydronic heated floors. Then, the tiling needs to be put overtop of the heating system. I don’t think Hannah and I can do this in one day. I especially don’t think the two of us can handle this work. We really need four other burly dudes. They would be handy carrying that huge boiler system to the basement. It also would be nice having other hands when hooking up the piping. But, my sister doesn’t want to pay anyone else. So it looks like it is going to be her and I messing with this.

heated floors

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