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I am a big fan of saving money. I never like to pay a penny more than what I feel like I should. For example, when I buy something, I do a great job of price checking. I scour the internet looking for the best deals. Even when I want to go grocery shopping, I shop at several stores, so I can price check. That is how you know when it comes to my heating and cooling costs, I keep up with everything. I know that almost half of the energy usage in American homes is heating and cooling related. If my air ducts have a leak in them or are improperly insulated, I know that I will lose out on hundreds during the year. I always do my best to make sure every room feels the same temperature when running my HVAC system. If the temperature is different in a particular room, where it is not benefiting from heating and cooling like the rest of my house, it probably means there is something wrong with the conditions of the room. These problems include poor insulation in the room, a blocked air vent, or a leak in the air duct. If it is a leak in your air ducts, you really are losing a ton of money each year by cooling your attic, a room rarely visited. If you can find the leak, you can seal the leak in your air duct. While it may be called duct tape, it is not what you should use in order to seal a leak in your air ducts. If you are unsure about what to use, be sure to contact your local HVAC service company.

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