Shower Room

At the gym where my girlfriend and I go a couple times a week, they just installed a bunch of new cardio machines. The older and outdated treadmills, elliptical machines and stair climbers were replaced with new machines that kept track of all kinds of metrics during your workout, and some of them even had interactive video displays that took you through various places as you worked out. Some of my favorite video running trails included the sidewalks of Paris, the Appalachian Trail and the hills of New Zealand. One additional change in the gym was the upgraded shower rooms. Before they upgraded the showers, there was very little cool air blowing through the vents, and with the showers always running it was so humid that you could hardly ever dry off. With all the upgrades, they had installed a brand new HVAC system that was designed to not only keep the inside temperature comfortable and cool, but to also help take some of the humidity out of the air. The first time I was able to take a shower there after the new system was installed, I could feel a very noticeable difference. The temperature in the shower room was slightly cool, but not cold. It was just the perfect temperature to help you cool off without freezing you out. My girlfriend noted that they had done the same to her shower room as well. The new upgrades were a very good compliment to the gym, and I am glad that we have a nice and comfortable place to work out now.

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