Feeling of fresh air and freedom

For me there is nothing quite as amazing as the feeling of freedom I get from riding a horse. Out in the fields at a trot or even better, a full gallop, wind in my hair, it feels like the horse and I are the only things in the world. If I had my druthers I wouldn’t have to work this job of mine, I could spend every day out on the ranch. It would be great to have a job out among the horses, that would be the ultimate for me.

             On the other hand, I don’t want to sound like a whiner because my job at the HVAC company is quite good. They pay me well, I get a lot of paid time off, good benefits, and once per year they send out a tech to tune up my heating and cooling system. So I definitely don’t want to sound like I hate my job in the HVAC manufacturing plant, because it is really great. Well, maybe not “really great” because assembling air conditioner parts just can’t compare to riding horseback across the plains. If the HVAC job didn’t pay me so well I actually would never get to ride a horse at all, because nothing about horses is cheap.

             That is one of life’s little ironies, isn’t it, that I want to quit the HVAC plant to go ride horses, but without the job I can’t afford to ride horses. For now I will just still with my system, where on weekdays I am all about the HVAC, and the weekends belong to the horses.

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