Insulating the attic reduces demands on heating and cooling system –

My house is extremely old, very big, and nearly impossible to heat and cool.  I have ten-foot ceilings and lots of huge windows. I also live in an area with severe weather.  The winter temperature drops well below zero, while the summer temperature climbs into the high eighties.  With the furnace and air conditioner running nearly all year long, energy costs make up the majority of my budget.  I am constantly searching for opportunities to reduce energy waste. I’ve gradually replaced every window in the house, carefully caulked around them and added weatherstripping to the exterior doors.   I make sure to have the furnace and air conditioner professionally serviced every year to ensure peak operation. Last year, when the HVAC contractor completed the maintenance of my furnace, he recommended insulating the attic.  He said that I was probably losing a great deal of the heated air through leaks in the attic. Since the attic is typically overheated in the summer and freezing cold in the winter, this made sense. The HVAC contractor utilized blown-in insulation to seal the attic.  This process was quick and caused no mess or disruption to the house. One of the benefits of blown-in insulation is that it conforms to odd shaped spaces and corners. The insulation is moisture and fire resistance, and creates a sound barrier. Once the project was complete, I immediately noticed an improvement in the comfort , cleanliness and smell of my home.  The furnace and air conditioner now run for shorter cycles and yet maintain a more even temperature. There are no longer drafts or hot or cold spots, and I’ve trimmed about fifteen percent off my monthly energy bills.

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