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I always have to pay attention to small details, because my friends in addition to myself are honestly in charge of proofreading in addition to editing written materials. Everyone of my friends in addition to myself graduated with a degree in literature. We honestly didn’t think more than one of our jobs would actually come in a printing Factory. My friends in addition to myself honestly read a lot of printed materials all day long. There are more than one item that comes across our desk during the day, in addition to the fact that it is our job to make sure everything makes sense. Everyone of us read through the print in addition to Media, looking for egregious mistakes like spelling, punctuation, in addition to grammar. Hour Printing Factory charges customers when the final products are inaccurate. Even though it is our job to make sure everything is proper, each customer is responsible for the final site. There are actually a few companies that misspell words on purpose, so sometimes we have to make sure that things are what they seem to be. Everyone of my friends in addition to myself love our job at the printing supply store, because we get to do what we love most and still earn a great living. It can be very expensive when making mistakes in printed materials, so it’s ever important to make sure things are right the first time. As a printing Corporation, our company does not like to waste additional money on materials. Even when those customers are paying for the mistakes, it’s still a big undertaking.

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