That was a very big mistake

If I could take out an ad in the paper to tell people about my recent experiences with a local carpenter I would definitely do this.  Every one of us hired the guy from an online source to do some fixing around the house. When the man showed up the first time to chat with us, I thought we had made a big mistake.  He was a huge hairy guy however he was wearing a contractor suit. My initial thought was that he was a lumberjack or something that did woodworking on the side. I didn’t hold much stock in that he as the a single for the task. Oh man, was I wrong. It turns out that he was not only a builder however a furniture designer on the side. The reason he was so dressed up was that had come from a hard job site and one of his manufactures in the area.  He showed us the photos of some of the pieces and they had beautiful, hand carved designs, rich looks to them, and several handcrafted touches that anyone would love to have in their homes. After the chat with him, where we signed the contract for him to do the work, we easily wanted to deal with him later about building a few things for us to have in our lake house too. I tell as many people as I can about his talents and we told him to use us as a reference anytime.

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