That was a mistake

I work as a delivery person for a bigger furniture manufacturing corporation. Most mornings my work is pretty dull and I simply take portions to clients homes without an issue. It’s all altered Last week when I had to make a newer delivery to a high-rise lake house building downtown. There are several obstacles that stand in your way when dealing with lake house buildings. The 1st of which is hoping that the piece of furniture you are delivering fits in the elevator. In some cases the areas have a freight elevator which permits for bigger items to be brought in, however in the older ones there is only the passenger a single and this makes for hard deliveries. The lady I was talking to,  the immense sectional sofa to was in a hurry and couldn’t understand why I had to keep going down and pulling up a single piece at a time. She kept yelling at me that I was easily just hoping to get a larger bill by making it seem so difficult. She said that I should task a lot more to make it fit in the elevator at one time. I wanted to tell her that if she had ordered a tiny piece of furniture that may have been a better moment, however, as they say, the customer is consistently correct. I silently went about my work and I was honestly glad when she signed my delivery paperwork. From the look of the room when I was leaving, I thought, she should have ordered a smaller sofa to begin with.

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