Holiday with the boyfriend

I have been with my guy now for a little over a year, plus the two of us have finally decided to plan our first trip together, then we’ve done a few road trips plus things together in the past, but the two of us wanted to unquestionably get away plus make our dreams of travelling across the world come true, so, instead of going to lots of concerts or festivals this summer, the two of us spent the time saving up money for our little holiday together. The hardest thing to buy was our plane tickets. So, the two of us decided to book our trip when the flights are most affordable thanks to an app that lets us guess what the prices drop for our set destination, and but our parents guess we’re a little crazy, because we’re doing the entire trip without any fancy hotels or Airbnb reservations. Instead, we’ll be staying with youth hostels or otherwise crashing with friends. They don’t guess we’ll prefer it because there won’t be any central air conditioning, then my guy plus I laughed, and our parents apparently don’t guess that neither of us have central A/C either. Both of our apartments only have central heating… And no, the two of us don’t have window A/C units either. The people I was with and I just don’t mind the heat plus guess it’s deranged to spend so much money trying to keep an house cooler. If the two of us can live without central A/C while in our day to day lives, surely the two of us can continue to live without it on our trip to Spain. My guy plus I are going to be far too tied up taking in the experience to worry about something as silly as air conditioning.

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