What a venue

It was Valentine’s Day and I took my wife to a really nice restaurant. It was truly romantic and we ordered some excellent food. I also ordered an expensive bottle of wine for us. We were loving the experience until it started heating up in the place. I didn’t know what could be wrong, but I asked the waiter about the climate control settings. He said he would check with the manager right away. He came back to let us know that evidently the thermostat was stuck on the heating setting somehow. He said there was some sort of complication with their smart thermostat unit and apparently, it was on the fritz! He apologized for the inconvenience. My wife and I at that point weren’t sure that we could stick around to deal with the overheated venue. We decided to tell the waiter that we wanted the bill and our food to go. He then said again how sorry he was and that our meal as well as the wine was on the house! Well, I was rather shocked at that. If I knew we were going to get a free meal out of this experience, I would have hoped for the HVAC system to go haywire! That bottle of wine was almost one hundred dollars! We were both pleased and we went home and enjoyed the rest of our take home food as well as our bottle of wine. What a fabulous Valentines Day it was! One thing is for certain, with an establishment that treats their customers that good, we will most definitely be going back again in the future!

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