Know it’s Fall

I had to take my son to a class today at this nature center. It was all about the seasons changing and how the animals get ready for winter by gathering all kinds of nuts and seeds and things like that. He really liked the class and getting to see different kinds of animals like box turtles, salamanders, rat snakes, and birds like a Great Blue Heron. It was interesting how the naturalist taught the kids all kinds of things about migrations and seasons changing. One of the things that I thought of that the naturalist didn’t talk about at all is a way that I know the seasons are changing! I know that it’s fall because my husband and I are finally able to turn off the central air conditioning at our house! It’s always nice to be able to turn off the A/C and let the HVAC system and our thermostat have a rest after working all through the long, hot summer! Sometimes I almost feel bad for the poor central air conditioning system since it never ever gets a rest through all of the long, hot months of summer. But in the fall, the thermostat goes off and the weather starts cooling off. I didn’t volunteer any answers for the class, of course, since they were talking about nature and the wilderness. But what I really wanted to say was that one sign that it’s fall is when you turn off the A/C and you finally turn the thermostat up and maybe even turn on the furnace! I guess you don’t really do that out in the wild, but at least that’s how we know that it’s fall around our house!

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