Day at the doctor

Just the other day, I took my daughter in for her doctor’s appointment. The crazy thing is, the place was seriously overheated. I asked the receptionist about the climate control settings and she said apologetically that the HVAC system had malfunctioned. I couldn’t believe it, it was the worst timing. She said that they could reschedule the appointment if I liked, but it would be a whole month later! I couldn’t wait that long to have the doctor’s appointment, so I decided we would just have to take the heat. I felt really bad for my daughter because she was really hot. I promised her that we would go get some ice cream after the appointment. She really didn’t want to be there but she said okay, she would go through with it. The people that were waiting there prior to us said they couldn’t take the heat from the lack of A/C, so they decided to leave. Because of this, my daughter and I were called a lot sooner. We got in, went through the check ups with the doctor, and then we were out of there! The doctor was very understanding of the situation with the heat. He had a stationary fan blowing in the waiting room, and that helped a lot. He took care of everything rather quickly. Measured my daughter’s height, checked her ears, made sure all her vitals were good, and it seemed like record timing! My daughter said, “Yay, now we get to get some ice cream!” The doctor laughed and said he wished he could come with us.

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