Zone Control for siblings

When I moved in with my brother, I found that we like very different temperature settings. I am always cold and my brother is always hot. I plan on living in his house for at least the next four years while I go to school so we are going to have to work something out. We can’t always be fighting over the thermostat. I think my brother is starting to get a little annoyed too because it is his house. I can’t help it, I’m almost always freezing cold. I thought of getting my own place but then I came up with another idea. I decided to pay for zone control in my brother’s house I can control the temperature in my room. At first my brother was opposed to this until I told him that the HVAC company would not have to tear anything apart. They install these inflatable bladders in the current ductwork. The bladders connect to air hoses through the ductwork and then to an air source. As the temperature reaches the settings in my room, the bladders fill with air and cut off air to my room. It works so much better than just closing the vents. Then, I can just use a space heater if I want. My brother liked this idea. He liked it even more that I was paying for it. We are talking about installing zone control throughout the entire house but if we do that, I expect my brother to pitch in some. Either way, I am just happy that we will no longer be fighting over the thermostat.

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