This is what we needed

I have always loved the pitter patter of little feet.  The sound of your child running across a bare wooden floor to you can make the toughest dad get misty.  It was great fun listening to those kind of little feet. Those feet are all grown up now. So, the little feet I’m hearing in my house probably aren’t the sort of little feet I want inside my house.  I heard them the other week but, I kind of questioned my ear as they were mowing outside. But, it wasn’t too much longer until I distinctly heard them again. This time my house was silent so I could totally hear those clawed tiny feet.  We had rodents of some sort living in the HVAC vents. I nearly had to tranquilize my wife when I told her so, I got right on it. The call after the one to the exterminator was to our HVAC guy. He scheduled a duct cleaning crew to come out once the rodents were eradicated.  I wondered hard how these furry dudes got in the house. I know mice can flatten themselves down to squeeze through an otherwise overseen crack. But, this would be a first for our little home of twenty five years. It really bothered me. So, I was extra stoked when the duct crew showed up.  I asked if I could sort of tag along to watch them do their thing. I am fascinated by just the weirdest stuff. The duct crew found the problem right away. A duct segment in the attic had become unsealed. The mice were able to enter the system that way. Not only did these people do a fantastic job but, they resealed all the ducts.  I think we can go another twenty five years without the pitter patter of those particular brand of little feet.


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