My Parents Don’t Like AC

Who doesn’t like air conditioning? My parents are crazy for a number of reasons, and one of them is the fact that they seriously don’t like air conditioning. I grew up in Asia, and my parents both lived their until they were in their forties. We weren’t a poor family. We were actually pretty well off.  My parents moved to the States when I was nineteen. I attended college, and after I graduated, I kind of when out on my own. I never back in with my parents, and I actually lived quite far away from them for about five years until I got married and moved to a city only an hour or so away from my parents. I love my parents dearly, and living closer to them is really nice. They are always inviting me over to their house, and I honestly love to spend time with them, but they don’t ever use air conditioning, and it’s really hot where we live. I tried to get them to use a little window air conditioning unit, but they refused. It’s almost like asking them to start a fire in their house when I ask them to get air conditioning. They literally look at me like I’m crazy and tell me that they are totally against air conditioning and that it makes you sick and all sorts of crazy stuff. I respect my parents and love them dearly, but when it comes to air conditioning, I simply have different views. I try to make most of my visits to their house during the cooler months and invite them over to my house during the warmer months when I have my precious air conditioning.

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