This indoor air quality is not good

There are days when it is just so difficult to remain professional.  But somehow, I do because I am a professional. However, in my business, I come across some people I would rather not deal with.  I am in real estate so, I come across all kinds. I have buyers who appear to think I am out to cheat them. When actually, I find great satisfaction in finding the right home for the right price.  I work at what I do. I’m not just some house hawker. The worst is some of the sellers. The slightest recommendation or suggested upgrade can send some of these homeowners over the edge. It can get quite volcanic in fact.  I told a man the other day he needed to replace the HVAC unit in his home. He straight lost it. I pointed out some rather obvious flaws with his heating and cooling system. First, it was at least 20 years old. The thing has been running non stop the entire time, every time I have been over there.  And, it can’t keep the house cool. You would have thought I had insulted his very manhood. But, I continued my list of reasons the HVAC had to go. The biggest reason was the dang thing still used r 22 refrigerant which the production of is about to be outlawed in 2020. Not that it will be an issue because that heating and cooling unit will give up the ghost any day now.  However, no matter how much truth and facts I give to some sellers, they just can’t listen. I let it go with this guy today. I hope he listens and rips out that hunk of junk he calls an HVAC system. If not, he’s gonna be sitting on that house for quite some time to come.

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