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Black Friday is some people’s favorite day of the year. However, if you work in retail like me, there is nothing exciting about being forced to work on the one day of the year that, even though you should be home celebrating with your family, everyone’s inner animal comes out. Talk about holiday spirit! I had been working at JCPenney’s at the mall for 3 years so I have had three years of Black Friday experience! One year, however, was particularly terrible! The mall I worked at was normally kept at a cool temperature, but due to the overflow of people coming in and out, the air seemed a little thin and it started to feel much hotter than normal. Come to find out the AC in the whole building was controlled by one single thermostat and it was set to 65 degrees. But it didn’t feel like it! Between the sight of people fighting over merchandise like savages, and the influx of people coming to me asking unnecessary questions, I felt like I was going to pass out. The AC felt like it was at 90 degrees. Our HVAC system was fairly new and I was aware that they do get the AC unit serviced very regularly and on a schedule. However, it became frustrating, for us employees and also the customers. People began sweating uncontrollably. We had to pull out stand up fans and set them up all over the store. When we ran out of fans, we ended up having to open a few new boxed ones on display for sale. It was madness! It was a long day and my last Black Friday ever! Shortly after that, I had a career change!

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