HVAC system is too small for new home

When we bought our first house we were happy to know that the previous owners had just installed an entire new HVAC system. It was the deciding factor when we were debating this house and another one. What we didn’t know was that the owners had but in the smallest, cheapest HVAC system they could get. Apparently their realtor told them to replace their broken heating and air so that the house would sell faster and they cut every corner possible. We didn’t find that out until it started to heat up outside and we noticed that our brand new air conditioner could not keep up. We called out an air conditioning company, expecting a simple fix, and were told that our compressor and furnace were made for a home half the size of ours. It was also a no-name brand and no local parts or pieces would fit it. There was nothing to do but rip out the furnace and air conditioner and replace them with more expensive ones. I felt like we had been taken advantage of. Like the sellers knew this would be a problem and didn’t care because it wasn’t there problem and they just wanted to sell the house. There really isn’t anything we can do about it now though other than get a good working HVAC system. With proper care and maintenance, it should last us a few decades anyway. We expected to have to make some repairs when buying our first home, we just didn’t expect it to be the heating and air conditioning system.

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