The heater is doing just what we need

I had so many plans to use my time settling into my new working from home job. I was going to completely redo my home office. There have been piles of papers gathering up from old mail to paper work for previous contracts, all of which needs to be sorted and dealt with. It won’t even take long, and my home office will look and feel infinitely better when it’s done. But alas, my plans have been dashed because of this stupid heat wave. Now I can barely be bothered to do the dishes and make myself a meal, let alone do all of this extra housework I had planned on doing. For a lot of folks, the rising temperatures outside aren’t a problem, because they have central air conditioning. But in the part of the country I live in, heat waves are murder. Most homes and apartments hear don’t have a full HVAC system. Properties here will be equipped with a great furnace, usually oil or a gas heater, but they almost never have an AC. That’s because the summers here are very short and often not that hot. One year we didn’t even have a single day where it went about 85. Now I’m stuck just trying to get things done until this heat wave passes, and it’s so frustrating! I just want to be able to get my house tidied and do some organizing projects. Now I’m vacuuming at night just so I can get housework done without getting covered in sweat.

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