Asthma improves with air purification and humidifier

My asthma is really bad, especially during the winter. As soon as I walk outside and breathe in the cold air I have to reach for my inhaler. I know other asthma sufferers feel worse inside during winter because of the dry air, smoke from fireplaces, and poor indoor air quality caused by sealed windows and constantly recirculating the air; but not me. At least I have get a rest from my asthma indoors and this is largely thanks to our air purification system and humidifier. Both of which are built directly into our HVAC system. When we first moved in to our house, it had a as fireplace and a window air conditioner. Living up north like we do, I wasn’t too concerned about air conditioning but I knew that a fireplace, gas or wood, would not do for me. As part of our home loan, we were able to finance installing a great HVAC system tailored for my health concerns. The HVAC company we worked with listened to what I wanted and made a few suggestions. I had no idea that humidifiers could be built right into the unit. It took several weeks but, eventually, we were able to move into our new home. I was amazed at how much my asthma improved with the air purification system. So, at least I can breathe indoors all winter long. Outdoors is still a problem though but I don’t suppose there is much that can be done about that unless I want to wear one of those old-fashioned gas masks. I think I will just tough it out for now.

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