Air purification system helps with daughter’s illness

Our daughter suffers from mast cell disease. This means that her body, essentially, is allergic to everything. We have to keep a constant vigil on what is brought into the house so that she doesn’t have a severe reaction. Scents, perfumes, pet dander, and cleaning and cooking smells are just a few of the things that can send her to the hospital. Because we are so careful, we did not understand what could be causing her most recent reactions. We went to the ER 3 times in the past month. And then I read about others with the same condition who use air purification systems in their homes. The air purifiers connect directly to the HVAC system and stop germs, mold, dust, and anything else from spreading throughout the house. We already use a really good filter but I knew we absolutely needed to get this air purification system for our daughter. A technician came out within a few days and surveyed our HVAC system before telling us that the purification system would work with ours and that he could begin work immediately. It took a few days but when he was done, even I could tell the difference in the air quality. Within 24 hours, our daughter felt so much better too. I was able to all but stop her allergy medications. This has been a Godsend. The purification system was a bit pricey but I feel it will save us in medical bills. Besides, our daughter’s health is totally worth it and I would pay ten times as much for her to feel well.

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