I see that as a bad decision

I live in a city that really enjoys the football season.  We live, eat, and breathe football. We spend the entire year thinking about football and making predictions for the next season.  During football season, the city really comes alive. My parents have been taking me to football games since I was two years old. However, I have been to some games that I really suffered through.  Football games during the winter season can be excruciatingly cold. We experience heavy snowfall every year. When it’s snowing during a football game, it can be quite uncomfortable. I have been to some football games where it was nearly zero degrees out.  I left those games feeling like I have frostbite. I have been to so many games that I started to remember the seats that are near the heating systems. I went to a game where the heater was right over my seat. Despite the fact that it was almost zero degrees outside, the heater kept me really warm.  Ever since that game, I have tried to book those same seats every time I go to a game with my parents. My parents are used to toughing it out and enjoying the games despite the weather, so they think that I am being a baby. I can’t deal with the cold like they can. I am a huge football fan, so I don’t let the weather get in my way.  I try to find ways to make it as comfortable as possible. No matter what, I always enjoy the football games with my family.

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