A newer gas heating system

The day after Thanksgiving, my house becomes nearly unrecognizable to me.  And, it all happens so fast. Is there some sort of secret advanced staging I’m not aware of?  The women in my house must have a bunker where plans and situations are developed. Next thing I know, I wake to an empty house which now resembles a Santa flashback.  All the Christmas stuff now proliferates throughout the home as though it was there all along. This is my signal to go to the hardware store to buy HVAC air filters. Huh?  I know this seems completely incongruous. But, it’s true. Our family burns candles at Christmas like it was the day after armageddon and there is no more electricity. The candles are everywhere.  All the scents converging to overpower my meager nose. So, what is the HVAC connection you might ask? Several years past, the HVAC was not responding well to thermostat changes. The heating and cooling system labored badly, making me think it was about to break down.  I checked to be sure vents were unobstructed and they were. I then went to check the main HVAC return and air filter. The air filter was just befouled. It was smokey looking with air garbage stuck all over it. The HVAC filter looked as though it had never been changed.  I was hard pressed to understand what caused this air filter damage. Yep, it was the all the candles. That was the first year our home got lit up like a prehistoric cave. The candles burn the wax. The wax then dissipates into the air. Next stop, air filter. Christmas lasts a minimum of 2 months so, I stock up for 3 to 4 HVAC air filter changes during this period.  

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