We need to make it a group project

My aunt, Eunice, is an ardent church goer. If in the worst of weather conditions, she never misses a Monday church service. It is a single of our family jokes that our aunt was the only member present in church, after the death of the preacher the Sunday evening before!

       Many years have passed since that however Auntie still never misses church. Her a single problem is that the building is hot. They do have a central Heating plus Air Conditioning proposal installed there however it has been there for generations plus is almost useless. A few weeks ago, Aunt Eunice took it upon herself to beginning a fund to raise money for a new Heating plus Air Conditioning proposal for the church. Several members of the congregation were against the idea, opting for the installment of much cheaper box A/C units instead. The members on my aunt’s side argued that having A/C window units put in would deface their charming church and, most importantly, a relaxing Heating plus Air Conditioning updatement would cool the church much better than any number of A/C window units could.

      The cost of installing a new Heating plus Air Conditioning proposal is not small but I readily agree with my aunt’s idea, that A/C window units do not exactly improve the look of a building, least of all a church. The debate goes on plus the funds to update the seasoned Heating plus Air Conditioning unit are still unavailable. Till that matter is resolved, Aunt Eunice continues to arm herself with a hand-held, battery operated fan plus many bottles of ice water, before she heads out to church on a Monday day.

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