I have to work on my condenser

There is a friend of mine down the street who has an air conditioned garage.  Can you imagine that, an HVAC treated garage? Perhaps it’s not that big a deal, but it seems fairly fancy to me.  My two car garage has room now for barely one car. And, that was because I dug in my heels over the garage being taken over by degrees of junk.  To be forthcoming, I too am responsible for much of the junk in our garage. I have leftover paint, bike parts, tools and stuff stacked in the garage.  But, my buddy’s fully HVAC treated garage got me to thinking. I am certainly not going to spend the money to air condition my garage. But the V in HVAC got me to thinking.  My garage could certainly benefit from some ventilation. With all the VOC’s from the paint, the gas cans, not to mention the car, the garage reeks. I have a heat pump for heating and cooling.  The air handler is placed in the garage. Now, perhaps I am being paranoid, but I really don’t like the thought of all the VOC’s leaking into the HVAC system. I know it’s sealed and pulls air from outside and the returns.  But, still why take the chance. And, this garage really stinks anyway.

I called my HVAC guy to check with him.  He said since I don’t have any actual CO2 producing HVAC components, installing a small exhaust fan would be fine.  So, that’s what I did. I went online to purchase an exhaust fan, then was able to install it myself. The little exhaust fan is programmed to turn on and off at scheduled times.  What a difference it has made! Not only does it smell better but it’s not nearly as hot.

heating system 

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